A Strategic Approach to Communications

Communication teams that plan are better at delivery.











Integrated communications are key to strong business performance and making change happen but only if they operate clearly with a process and an end in mind.

We help communications functions make the leap from production house to strategic business partner. We provide the knowledge and tools to be more agile: ready to adapt to business changes, aligned to business strategy and deliver maximum audience engagement.

Our consultants have the expertise and knowledge to guide you to success and make sure communications deliver real value in your organisation.

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Our Services

Whether you want to become a more strategic comms function or develop a campaign specific communications plan we can help you deliver on your objectives.

Becoming a strategic communications team

Successful communications teams apply a planful approach to everything they do

Strategic communications teams:

We help organisations:

Define standard approaches to their planning

Develop team skills at planning and implementation

Understand the metrics and timing to help frame and track plans

Build stakeholder management processes to ensure plans stay on track

Creating strategic communications campaigns

Getting the planning in place is key to success in any project, from restructuring to change comms we have the experience to take you from objectives through to evaluation.

If you need help developing a plan for your team or a specific initiative we can help you:

We work with teams who need a simple facilitated workshop or with organisations that need more detailed thinking around business needs, audiences and tactics.

Our team brings global expertise in facilitation, research and good practice in managing campaigns and change across a range of sectors and situations.

Crucially, the resulting plan is yours; tailored to your organisation and your resources.

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The ICPlan Strategic Services team

Daniel Penton

Daniel Penton is co-founder of ICPlan and lead consultant of ICPlan Strategic Services. Specialising in internal, change and digital communications, he has supported a wide variety of companies including NBC Universal, HSBC, Roche, Lloyds Banking Group and GSK on large scale and complex change programmes. He also leads onboarding for new customers of the ICPlan platform.

Liam FitzPatrick

ICPlan Strategic Services associate Liam FitzPatrick has 25 years of experience in change, PR and internal communication comes both in-house and in consultancy. He has has worked in multiple sectors on change and transformation projects in a wide variety of situations. He is particularly interested in developing teams, research and planning. 

To find out how ICPlan can help you deliver transformative change to your corporate communications function get in touch.
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Internal and external communication teams need the governance and processes to align more closely, and drive business performance. ICPlan is here to help.
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